Portrait of Stevan Veselinovic the company's phone systems engineer

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Flexible solutions for your business

We build business phone systems. Period. Get what you need at a price affordable to you; and the price NEVER increases

Drive more sales and work from anywhere with our business phone solution

Get everything you need, nothing more, nothing less. All in a lightweight package.

A cloud phone system, also known as hosted VoIP or hosted PBX, is hosted in the cloud. This means the data is stored in a secure server which can be accessed over the internet. A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines, and is usually hosted by a third party provider. At Northwest Remote Offices, LLC, we are your provider. We don't outsource, we don't re-sell, allowing us to keep your monthly costs at an absolute minimum.

Make & Receive Calls

From any area code. Do you need a company presence in another municipality, or are just looking to cut costs with your existing phone provider? We can help with that!

Business Hours & Special Conditions

You can send inbound calls to different team members, or voice mailboxes, greetings and more, all depending on the time of day.

Conference Calls

Do you need to meet with a large group of people? Your plan includes three conference lines to do just that. More are available upon request.

Intelligent voicemail

Your clients can hear unique voice recordings depending on if you're closed, or busy, and you can check the voice messages from your phone or your email. You decide!


Allow your team to spread the inbound calls amongst multiple custom service teams. Your clients can wait until another customer service representative is available or leave a message.

Advanced security and 24/7 support

A trusted team of engineers, working hand in hand with an in house Managed Services Provider is here to ensure your success!

Fast to implement, a breeze to use - 0$ to maintain

Pick the package that's right for you

If you can't find a package that fits your needs, our implementation team makes creating your own bundle a breeze. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help,

We'll pick the phones best suited for you

Based on your needs Spokane Business Phones will provision and ship the phones to you, or, you can pick the make and model that you like the most.

Implementation and setup

Our engineering team will begin implementing your changes, and within two weeks the phones along with setup instructions will be at your doorstep.

Spokane Business Phones Pricing

Fast to implement, a breeze to use - 0$ to maintain

Just Getting Started

$10 / per user / per month Minimum 5 Users / Max 20
  • Unlimited inbound / outbound calls in the US
  • Up to 20 users only
  • Voicemail & Custom Inboumd IVR
  • 1 Local number included
  • Two queues
  • Team messaging & calling


$20 / per user / per month Minimum 10 Users
  • Everything in "Just getting started", PLUS
  • No limit on number of users
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Unlimited audio conferencing
  • Video meetings up to 50 participants
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reporting
Premium Support


$30 / per user / per month Minimum 15 Users
  • Everything in "Just getting started", PLUS
  • Automatic call recording
  • Advanced call handling including whisper, barge, and more
  • Real-time analytics
  • Popular CRM integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and more
  • 24/7 Support
  • Developer API platform and custom integrations

24/7 Support for Standard and Premium Plans
The just getting started plan is month to month, standard and premium require a 6 to 12 month commitment.

Real, Local People

We live, work, and play in the same places you do. Locally accessible and reliable. Our systems are backed by a fully staffed Managed IT Services Provider. A team of engineers and support staff working to improve communications daily. All centrally located in Spokane Valley, WA.

Portrait of Stevan Veselinovic the company's phone systems engineer

Stevan Veselinovic

Phone Systems Engineer

Portrait of Rikkie Reiner the company's client services manager

Rikkie Veselinovic

Client Services Manager

Learn more about our parent company, Northwest Remote Offices, LLC.

Our VOIP infrastructure is built on the reliability of Amazon AWS - the same network that powers Netflix and others.

Sleep well knowing your business communications sit on the fastest, most robust network in the world.

To get started, contact our sales and integration team at (509) 362-9663. We’ll discuss your business needs so suggest the best solution for you.

Phone service for your business starts at $25 per month, per user. And guess what? There is no minimum user or contract commitment. To complement your cloud-hosted VOIP phone system, you also get discounted access to an entire suite of business applications from Microsoft, helping your maximize your productivity.

We accept all major credit or debit cards. Our payments are processed via PayPal, so rest assured we do not store your billing information anywhere.

Absolutely, anytime. Our service is designed to grow with your company, so you can change plans and add or remove lines as you please. If you find that your current plan no longer suits your needs, reach out to any of our Client Services Managers or call us at (509) 362-9663 to adjust your plan.

The answer is yes! With Spokane Business Phones you can buy or lease many high-performance VoIP phones that work perfectly in your business. We offer a wide variety of phones that you can purchase or lease, and the best part is we pre-configure the devices so you can use them instantly.

Our plans are flexible and designed to meet your needs. You can decide on a monthly plan with no commitment, or maximize your savings by paying for 12 months of service upfront and receiving a discount.

Spokane Business Phones providers 24/7 support. Every plan includes a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%. As we are a subsidiary of a managed services provider, our network is monitored around the clock for maximum security and reliability. It gets better.

Our business phone plans included a dozen + powerful VoIP features, including nationwide calling, faxing, phone numbers in any area code, voicemail-to-mail, and IVR (auto-attendant).

To start, we provide real, locally staffed and sourced support personnel who are passionate about technology and VoIP telephony. You won’t see white label software, or outsourced support here.

Second, our network stability and reliability. Backed by Twilio and Amazon AWS, Spokane Business Phones customers experienced 0 downtime in 2019, and in 2020.

We’re a technology company at our core and only staff the highest caliber engineers. We are not funded by investors, or private entities, we are a locally grown and sustained business which has thrived on the trust and support of it’s clients.

Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business. Ours is no exception

"These phones are awesome! Sales are already $500 more than last Saturday"
Collen Wilber
Umi Kitchen & Sushi Bar

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